What is Diagnostics?

Most modern vehicles have an Engine Control Unit (usually referred to as the ECU ).  This is a small computer which controls how the engine works. This will also detect any faults within the electrical system of your car and temporary or [permanently record it. This can often display a warning light on your dashboard, put your car in limp mode or even stop it from starting.

What we will do?

We will communicate with the ECU via your car’s on board diagnostic port (OBD). We use our complex devices to dig deep into its memory and work out what may be causing the fault in your car.

What can we do with this info?

Using our massive database of known and common causes, we will advice you on how to fix your car. Reducing the expense of guessing and randomly changing parts till you find the faulty one. We can also point out the dodgy part from the jungle of others hidden around the vehicle.

If its an intermittent fault, or you have repaired it, we can clear the memory so that the dashboard warning light is removed and you can continue to safely use the car.