DASH CAMS- positioning your own

Placing your dash cam without breaking any laws can be difficult and worrying. By understanding the following rules and taking my advice, you should keep out of trouble.

Zones A and B are where the windscreen wipers cover

Dash cams cannot be placed any more than 40mm into the swept area of the windscreen wiper in zone B, and no more than 10mm of intrusion in zone A

Anything that is placed in Zone C is driving without a clear vision of the road ahead.

Placing the camera outside of zones A and B will be pointless when dirt gets on your windscreen or when its raining or snowing..

Allowing the dash cam cable to fall over these zones is also seen as obstructing a clear vision of the road ahead.

Thinkware F790 camera is so small that they advise you to place it behind the rear view mirror.

What I do.

As in all the above pictures, I place the camera above zone B, the lens within 40mm of this zone. I have hid it to the passenger side and behind the rear view mirror so that it is hidden and doesn’t obstruct the view. The separate rear view camera is above the mirror, stuck to the plastic trim.

Avoiding all the zones, the wires go up to the roof lining and pushed underneath it. They then go to the door pillar and follow it down to the dash board (the red arrows). From here it is safe to travel to the power socket.

Incriminating dash cam footage is a two-way thing.

Should you be pulled over by the police, they can ask you to present your dash cam footage for review. It can be used as evidence about your speed or a dangerous driving offence.

Similarly, if you take another motorist to court over an incident, there’s nothing to say the judge won’t hold your own footage against you, and also charge you for an offence. 

Deleting or altering your footage can be a serious offence, so don’t tamper with it.

If it is found that the positioning of your Dash Cam was incorrect and actually illegal then an insurer is unlikely to cover you for any injuries or damages, and an incident may be seen as your fault.