The audio recording can be set up to record the audio continuously or only when the panic button is pressed.

The reason why SD cards fail with other makes of cameras is that the users often pick the cheapest consumer SD Cards, and these are not formatted. SmartWitness only use Industrial SD cards and they are formatted in our warehouse to work with the CP2 camera. The SD card will provide 25 days of recording.
The only safe solution to store much more is to use the upgrade and have cloud storage that will store the data for 90 days. If a complaint is made within the 90 days the video can be downloaded and stored externally. This camera can easily be upgraded to do this at any time.

The advantage of the SmartWitness solution, is that it is Future Proof, and that it is adaptable to provide a standalone or connected solution, as each council requirements are different.

This basic standalone taxi bundle costs £460 per unit, including the 128GB SD Card, fitting or postage.

The upgraded cloud technology package is £460 plus £9 per week. (* this is also required for email alerts and notifications)