Changing Wheel Size

Changing your wheel size does NOT ALWAYS mean you need to recalibrate your taximeter. It depends which size tyres you use.

Changing the diameter of the tyre DOES always require a new taximeter calibration.

The taximeter will not calculate the journey price correctly if not correctly calibrated.

How to calculate the tyre diameter (D).

  • A =Tyre width
  • B= Tyre wall height
  • C= Wheel size
  • D= Diameter

Find similar numbers on your tyre.

A=225mm. Change this to inches

225 divided by 25.4 = 8.86inches

50 is the ratio between tyre width and height

B= 8.86x 0.50 = 4.43inches

C= 17 inches

(D) Diameter= B+C+B

D= 4.43+ 17 +4.43 = 25.86 inches

Compare the diameters between old and new tyres

If there is a significant difference, you need to recalibrate the taximeter.

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