Not doing taxis till mid September

If your stuck, and its a Viking meter, email Paul with

Bookings on hold

My van broke down on way back from boro last night.

I will try and honour all bookings that are already made. But until I find the time to repair the van, I won’t be taking any more.

Please only contact me to discuss how we will manage your already booked in job.

Keep visiting this page to keep up to date with this minor set back.


Just to confirm from previous message.

I will be in York on Tuesday 18th from 0800hrs to mid morning.

Location is outside racecourse on a road you suggested, dunno what it’s called.


Some drivers have suggested Tuesday 18th so they can go straight to the council. I’ll be on the road outside the race course all morning.

Keep checking here to see if things change, and please let me know of any other ideas.

DIGITAX– F2 Calender, M1 Mirror.

VIKING–The ones I have supplied.

NO OTHER MAKES OR VERSIONS (time controlled meters only)

Closed till Mid/late July

Due to the same reasons in previous posts, It will be mid to late July when I start again.

Until then, I Will fix some 5 minute jobs if you meet me close to Catterick. Please message me if you don’t get a phone reply. My apologies if I don’t reply to your message.

Thankyou to those who have sent their condolences. They are very much appreciated and very nice to see, sorry if I didn’t get round to replying to you all.